Are you looking for electrical installers in Alicante? At IMC Servicios we are experts in electrical installations and industrial maintenance, in warehouses, neighborhoods, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and local businesses.

Electrical installers in Alicante and surrounding areas

We provide service in Alicante and all the surrounding geographical areas and anywhere in the province. Also we attend to installations, scheduled or preventive electrical maintenance, bulletins, as well as emergencies or electrical repairs. Call us on 965381734 and we will attend to you personally.
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The best electrical installers in Alicante

We have a team of highly qualified technicians and electrical engineers to carry out electrical installations, electrical maintenance, or to resolve any breakdown or emergency that may arise.

Our electrical services us electrical installers

Discover all the electrical installation, maintenance and repair services we can offer you.

Industrial electrical installations

We have electrical engineers authorized to carry out electrical installations, both industrial and residential. All our electrical technicians have official qualifications and a long history working in the sector.

24-hour emergency breakdown service

We attend to last minute electrical breakdowns with the utmost urgency throughout the province of Alicante and in neighboring towns and villages. We travel to solve your incidents 24 hours a day. An authorized technician will come to your place.

Industrial maintenance

We carry out industrial preventive maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance is the key to avoid incidents that force us to stop production, as well as to keep the installations in good condition.

Electrical repairs

We take care of all types of electrical repairs in Alicante, such as power surges or voltage drops. We go to industrial warehouses, hotels, hospitals, residences, shopping centers, neighborhood communities, etc.

Repair of electrical energies, lighting and control systems

Our team of electrical installers in Alicante will take care of electrical repairs to both lighting and control systems. We have many years of experience in the sector and we always offer the best services to our clients, whether you are an individual or a company.

Design, installation and maintenance

You don’t need to contract our services as electrical installers in the Alicante area just because you need to solve your electrical problems. You can also count on us for a new project, as we design and install the wiring of new buildings so that from the beginning your building has the best electrical conditions. In addition, you can contract our maintenance services so that the work is always maintained in the best quality.

We are officially certified as electrical installers

The Electrical Bulletin, or also officially called Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE), is an unavoidable document that we must have when registering the electricity in a supply point such as a house, premises or warehouse.

Energy efficiency studies

A complete and personalized solution to achieve economic savings. We carry out a study of consumption, energy flows and analysis of electronic equipment, proposing solutions for the energy efficiency of your company or community.

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